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Six Point Five Billion People (for Catherine from Phil)

Phil writes:

When Catherine and I first saw Corey perform at Carnegie Hall in the Fall of 2006, I became an instant fan of his music.  Photograph of the love song's subjectHaving absolutely no musical ability of my own, I jumped at the chance to commission a love song for Catherine, who is an accomplished amateur cellist.  The song's use of probability and statistics to describe our relationship reflects my tendency to (over)rely on reason and analysis.  To me, the song is about how love transcends these analytical concepts; ultimately, love feels incredibly "lucky" and like a "miracle."  A few months after he composed the song, Corey was kind enough to perform it at our wedding.  It was a beautiful and touching moment for us.  We are thrilled that others can now enjoy the song too.

Six Point Five Billion People (for Catherine from Phil)

There was about a one in fifteen-hundred chance
That you and I would meet at Shakespeare in the Park
To wine and dine perchance to embark
On a lifelong romance

We watched three different couples get married on stage
Their lives entwined by the magnanimous bard
And one and a half years later
You and I were engaged
Our lives entwined when you sat next to me
On the Seventy-Ninth Street yard

When you take a nap in the afternoon
The odds are four to one that you’ll wake up groggy
In which case I can croon a bit more softly
And you can help me carry the tune

Every single note you play in the concert hall
Sounds just like a miracle to me
Twenty to twenty-thousand vibrations per second
And I’m determined to hear them all
A B C D E F G and everything in between

I can count the cards
In a game of blackjack
I can predict when an underdog will make a comeback
I’m not always correct
But I’m usually on the right track

And even when it doesn’t quite work out
The way I planned it
And life seems a little not-so-even-handed
I just remember that of the six point five billion people on this planet
I was lucky enough to end up with you

words and music by Corey Dargel (except as noted)
artwork by Marisol Limon Martinez
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