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My Voice Is in Your Head (for Katie from Teresa)

Teresa writes:

When my sister, katie, left for college last September, I didn't think I would miss her that much. Technology has made it so you are always a few keystrokes or a cell phone away from anyone, but nothing can ever quite make up for the intimacy of sharing a can of coke or seeing a smile up close.Photograph of the love song's subject

katie and I are twins, but I've always taken that for granted. Our mother likes to tell stories of us as toddlers walking around the house, completely engrossed in conversations in a language strictly of our own making. Now that katie's not here, I feel this dull ache inside whenever she pops into my consciousness. I had a random memory come back to me the other day of us in the rain together, seven years old, clothed in Donald Duck raincoats, prancing around the backyard soaking wet and laughing. We were gathering rain for a moat, and it didn't seem to matter that we didn't have a castle to protect from villains of our own making.

Now that she's not here I really appreciate everything she's ever done for me. She makes me a more open person, she makes me laugh, she isn't afraid to be who she is. If I didn't have her in my life I would probably be the sorriest, most boring person ever.

I want her to know how much I miss her and love her. We've always shared music and expanded each other's musical tastes and a song written about the us two seems like the perfect way to represent the connection we share that we could never have with anyone else; friends, adversaries, partners in mischief, each other's wingmen, secret keepers, entertainers, sisters. Twins share birthdays, but we share so much more than that.

My Voice Is in Your Head (for Katie from Teresa)

I know sometimes my voice is in your head
Telling you things you might rather leave unsaid
It’s just that you’re so much fun to talk to
It’s just that I miss you

After I had my appendectomy
You sat down next to me
And we laughed at the compression stockings
That kept my blood from clotting

If I had been in Costa Rica
When you fell down that thirty-foot well
I could have lightened your mood
While you were being rescued
Our very own Baby Jessica

I will stop listening to so much NPR
If you’ll worship Michael Jackson from afar
And I’ll stop being such a bore
If you’ll take me out on the dance floor

I know it was my fault that you broke your arm
I led you to believe that you were safe from harm
But then you fell off the deck
And wrecked your tricycle

I know sometimes my voice is still in your head
Telling you things you might rather leave unsaid
To you it’s unflagging nagging
To me it’s affectionate protection
It’s just that I love you

Besides I’m a lot smarter than I was back then
And I promise
And I promise
I’ll never break your arm again

*"My Voice Is in Your Head (for Katie from Teresa)" was commissioned by Public Radio International’s Studio 360.

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