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Five of a Kind (for Carl from Kristin)


Carl writes:

My poker playing is the inspiration for Corey's lyrics, but poetic license gives me more credit than is my due. Sadly, I can't read people all that well at the poker table, and I don't always have the strongest hands. Photograph of the love song's subjectIf only it were true! What's completely true is I play way more poker than most sane people and it surely affects my outlook on life. I play with riff-raff and borderline lunatics and then I come home to a woman of integrity and passion and the contrast is stark.

The unstoppable force line comes from a comment a friend of ours, Gary Schwartz, made years and years ago. He said our relationship was the perfect example of what happens when an unstoppable force (Kristin) meets an immovable object (me). While it's true I can be grimly stubborn in the face of Kristin's boundless enthusiasms, I'm here to assure you that sometimes the unstoppable force really is unstoppable. Many times I've been pulled, metaphorical toes clenched and dragging in the dirt, to some theatrical event, only to end up actually, begrudgingly, enjoying myself.

If I'm an anchor, I don't really mind, not deep down, being dragged up to get some fresh air now and again.

Five of a Kind (for Carl from Kristin)

You might capture all my stones in Go
But I will sink your battleship in Battleship
And I will flip all your pieces in Othello
I’m an unstoppable force you know
But you’re my source of affirmation
My anchor my foundation

You’ve always had the strongest hands
Of any man at the poker table
And I love that you’re able to read people so well
To tell the false tells from the true tells

So when I’ve suffered one too many fools
And I’m tired of playing by the rules
You’ll be there to help me decide
Whether I should simply abstain
Whether I’m insane
Or whether I should just invent a whole new game

I may sometimes be a wild card
But I know you don’t mind
‘Cause five of a kind beats everything else
And five of a kind is only possible
With a wild card
With a wild card

words and music by Corey Dargel (except as noted)
artwork by Marisol Limon Martinez
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